Friday, October 1, 2010

customize card: cupcake craze

heya everyone. salam.

here's my handmade customize card- a pop-up one. it is for my precious lil' boy who just turned 2 on last merdeka day. so inside the card u can see a pop-up of birthday cupcake! :)

i think i am going to name my handmade(s) rather than using numbering code. so i can clearly imagining it when anyone ever mention it. so for this one, it is..

cupcake craze
size : a4
material : fancy paper + cutey sticker
design : pop-up

the drafts..
i prefer my own handwriting than using any computer font when it comes to handmade card. so that i can leave a little me in everything i do ;)

it's done! voila!

making yours will be another exciting journey as well. so feel free to email me at
see ya!

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